Zionist settlers storm Al-Aqsa under IOF protection, harass the worshipers


AL-QUDS, PALESTINOW.COM The Israeli occupation police on Sunday morning encircled al-Qibli prayer building at the Aqsa Mosque and prevented Palestinian worshipers from leaving it as Jewish settlers and tourists were touring the holy site.

With no regard for the holy month of Ramadan, police forces opened al-Maghariba Gate of the Aqsa Mosque and allowed settlers and tourists to tour its courtyards, according to the Islamic Awqaf Authority.

Several police elements escorted the settlers and tourists during their tours, while others stood outside al-Qibli prayer building and barred Muslim worshipers from leaving it.

Such Israeli violation against the Mosque provoked the worshipers there to chant religious slogans in protest at the desecration of the holy site during the holy month.

Eyewitnesses reported that police officers physically assaulted and rounded up a Palestinian young man as he was standing at the doors of al-Qibli prayer building.

Meanwhile, another group of settlers defiled the Aqsa Mosque’s courtyards under police protection.

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