Zionist police brutally attacks Palestinian worshippers in Masjid Al-Aqsa


OCCUPIED AL-QUDS, PALESTINOW.COMThe Israeli police and special forces carried out an arrest and assault campaign against Muslim worshipers at the Mercy prayer room at Al Aqsa mosque on Tuesday.

QNN reporter said that a group worshipers were attacked by the Israelis at the Mercy prayer room following the sunset prayer.

One worshiper has been filmed being brutally beaten and kicked near Hittah gate of the holy mosque. Several worshipers tried to help and release the young man.

Another female worshiper was dragged on the ground and arrested. Young men tried to defend her before the Israeli police attacked everyone, including women and elderlies.

Seven worshipers were reportedly arrested, increasing the total number of those who were arrested at the holy mosque today to 12.

The Israeli police had arrested four young men and one girl at the mosque and sent them for interrogation earlier today.

On the other hand, Dozens of Israeli Jewish fanatics, including right-wing leaders, were allowed to provoke the worshipers and storm the holy mosque and perform rituals in different places of the holy mosque.

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