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PALESTINOW.COM — Last year I watched the video of Nas Daily for the first time. In one minute video, Nas showed us about the peaceful life between Jews and Muslim Arabs in Palestine, I thoght so. When I watched the video I was so happy and respect, because I thought the Jewish Rabbis in the Occupied Palestinian territories 1948 (Israel) are supporting the Palestinian people just like members of Naturei Karta. But I was wrong.

But, who is Nas?

Nusseir Yassin, known as Nas Daily, is a Palestinian-Israeli citizen. He was born from the descendants of Palestinians who held their ground after the establishment of the illegal state of Israel in 1948. Nusseir has one very important privilege not available to other Palestinians; an Israeli passport that allows for easy travel.

He is a Harvard graduate from the town of Arraba in the Galilee, Yassin quit his $120,000-per-year high-tech job in New York City in 2016 at the age of 24 to travel the world posting daily one-minute videos. He has jumped to internet stardom with the one-minute daily Facebook video’s he films as he travels around the world. 4.1 million people follow him on Facebook, and the followers are coming from around the world.

From his facebook fanspage you can watch that he traveled across the world and making one minute video that he`s post to facebook and instagram. Even though with his Israeli passport he is not allowed to visit 15 countries (due to his Israeli citizenship), and he complained about discriminating for Kuwait to deny him a layover as he flies through. From here, I started to see that he is an awful person and betrayer. He enjoyed everything with his Israeli passport meanwhile many Palestinians denied by Israeli authorities, especially people in Gaza under blockade, difficult to out or in.

In his videos, he never mentioned about the occupation. Then I curious about his existence, whether he comes from Palestine or Israel? In a video he speaks directly to the concept of him coming from Israel or Palestine, Nusseir reduces his options to two, reject Israel and claim he comes from Palestine, or move on and not get hung up on the name of a piece of land and respect the existence of both states.

But hold on, I`m so confused. When he said that he respected the existence of both states it means that he agrees with Two-State solution. Okay, I respect his opinion. BUT, the second state does not exist and there are no sort of defined borders for it to exist in. Nas presents the image of two states coexisting side by side, but there is no such thing. Palestine has been reduced to the Gaza strip, which has been under an 11 year blockade by Israel; and the West Bank, which continues to be colonized with settlements and exists under military occupation with its citizens living under apartheid conditions while Palestinians in East Jerusalem continue to be expelled from their homes and have their citizens stripped from them (contrary to what Nusseir would have you to believe about Jerusalem belonging to everyone).

When Nas never mentioned about the illegal occupation of Israel against Palestine, doesn`t he know about Israeli crimes in Gaza, West Bank or Jerusalem? Even in a haphazard moment filming in Jerusalem, he encounters a resident who claims that all Arabs are stupid and barbaric. This racist incident leaves Nas speechless, but he (once again) never mention about the occupation or racism of Israel. He even did not defend his people (Arabs). Isn`t this a betrayal? Isn`t this a propaganda? When the world stands with Palestine, but he himself against its people. If he able to travel abroad and visit many countries, but why he doesn`t visit Gaza and making video about the Great Return March?

And the most sadly, many Israelis defense of Nas’s videos.Whether or not Nas knows it, his rhetoric presents the perfect Hasbara (Hebrew term for propaganda aimed at an international audience) for the state of Israel.

My message to all Palestinian betrayers, Allah is watching you. (ELF)


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