We Will Return


We will return

I remember that day
May 15, 1948… the black day for our Palestine
The day I lost everything
Family, homes and land…
I remember that day
When the soldiers came to my home
Arrested my father, killed my brothers and my mothers
And then they demolished our home
I called my father, my mother, my brothers…
No answer…
That’s the last time I saw them
I remember that day
I will never forget
I will never forgive
God, don’t blame me of my hatred
They made me to be an orphan
They made me to be refugee
I have no one
I have nothing
Only this key… my home’s key
Yes, I still have key of my home
And I promise to myself
I will return to my home, my land…
I will return and take back them all
We will return
Heiwa to Ai

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