UNRWA decide to partially postpone payment of employees’ salaries


GAZA, PALESTINOW.COMHamas movement is extremely concerned about UNRWA’s announcement by the aganecy’e Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini that the UN body has decided to partially postpone the payment of salaries of almost 28 thousand employees in five operation fields, with a possibility that the decision may be effective in December.

We believe that such a decision has dangerous repercussions on thousands of Palestinian families and may affect the quality of life of the Palestinian refugees living in the custody of UNRWA, especially amid the urgent circumstances linked to the outbreak of coronavirus. Moreover, the Gaza Strip suffers from a humanitarian crisis for 14 years due to the crippling Israeli siege imposed on the enclave.

Hamas thinks that this man-made financial crisis that has political grounds is intended to abolish the refugees’ issue and dismantle the UN agency. This crisis must not be solved at the expense of the refugees and the humanitarian services offered by the UN body.

The international community, represented by the UN, should shoulder its responsibility towards the mandate given to UNRWA, until the issue of the Palestinian refugees is fully settled after return and compensation.

We confirm that the issue of the Palestinian refugees is the essence of the freedom struggle against the Israeli occupation and any attempt to leave this issue unsolved will affect the security and stability inside and outside of Palestine.

Therefore, the UN should not bow to the pressure piled on it. Rather, it should work to enhance the lives of the refugees in line with international resolutions that guaranteed a decent life for the refugees until return to the hometowns and villages from which they were forced out in 1948.

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