UN votes affirm that Jerusalem is not Capital of Israel


PALESTINOW.COM — The United Nations General Assembly voted 128 to 9 on Thursday to denounce the U.S. President’s December 6th claim that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, despite explicit US threats against those nations by both Donald Trump and the US Ambassador to the United Nations.

The US vowed to cut aid to any nation that voted in favor of the resolution, which is likely what led to the 9 votes against and the 35 abstentions to the resolution. But how the US would be able to cut aid to nations like Jordan and Egypt, which are allies with the US in its Mid-east policy.

The French ambassador to the United Nations, François Delattre, noted the impact of the U.S. claim about Jerusalem, and its impact on the Israel-Palestine peace process, saying, “It is more important than ever to rally the international community around the agreed parameters of the peace process, and this of course includes the United States, as everyone is aware of its particular role and influence on this issue.”

The Israeli daily Ha’aretz criticized the Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Danny Ayalon, for his speech in advance of the vote, in which he called any nation that voted in favor of the resolution a ‘puppet’ to the Palestinian Authority. Critics noted that it is unclear how these nations could be puppets of an Authority that has no vote in the United Nations, and very little political or economic power, as well as lacking sovereignty as a nation.

Haaretz noted that, while Ayalon spent the bulk of his speech criticizing other nations, “What he didn’t do was address the text of the resolution that was before the General Assembly, or even make the case for how Trump’s declaration on Jerusalem advanced the cause of peace. Danon’s speech wasn’t full of inaccuracies, but it did contain a number of misleading statements.”

On December 6th, US President Donald Trump made a unilateral declaration that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel , contradicting decades of US policy, flagrantly violating international law and signed peace agreements, and discarding the Palestinian people’s basic rights. (IMEMC)


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