Two suicide bombers in Gaza police checkpoints have been identified


GAZA, PALESTINOW.COMA spokesperson for Gaza’s Ministry of Interior, Iyad El Bizem, said Wednesday that the security services have identified the two suicide bombers, who blew themselves up last night in two police barracks in Gaza.

“We have identified them and the investigation is still ongoing to identify the parties behind them”, El Bizem said in a televised statement. “There’s been progress identifying the bombers and we will continue until we know the parties behind them”.

“the Ministry of Interior will make all details on this criminal event public as soon as the investigations are completed”, he said. “Whoever is behind this cowardly act, their aims are coterminous with the occupation state, aiming at compromising the stable security in in Gaza”, he added.

Three policemen were killed Tuesday night while others were wounded due to two explosions, which targeted police barracks in two different areas in Gaza.

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