Two Palestinians shot in Jenin, two children kidnapped near Al-Quds by IOF


JENIN, PALESTINOW.COMIsraeli occupation forces (IOF) shot and wounded two Palestinian workers, from Arraba town, while they were near the Apartheid Wall close to Barta’a town to the southwest of Jenin on Monday.

Local sources reported that IOF soldiers shot at the two civilians injuring one of them in his feet and he was taken to hospital for treatment while the IOF is still holding the other young man.

Palestinian workers are subjected to harassment by IOF while trying to access their workplaces.

The Apartheid Wall, which the Israeli occupation began constructing in 2004, destroyed large areas of agricultural land in the West Bank and confiscated 164,780 dunums of Palestinian lands.

The Wall violates the basic rights of nearly a million Palestinians, forcing thousands of them to obtain special permits from the IOF to allow them to move between their homes and their lands.

Meanwhile, Israeli police arrested two children from Al-Tur town, east of the Old City of Occupied Jerusalem.

Local sources said that the occupation police arrested the child Ismail Abu Al-Hawa, 15, after raiding his house in the Al-Khalwa area and the child Raed Al-Sayyad, 16, after storming his home in the Qa’a Al-Hara area.

Al-Tur residents suffer from continuous attacks by the occupation police and settlers.

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