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“They had a dog pull his shoulder down”… Detainee reveals brutal Israeli torture

Detainee Ali Al Battat, through his lawyer, revealed horrific details about the torture he suffered during his arrest by Israeli forces.
Al Battat’s lawyer said his client was brutally tortured by Israeli special forces during his arrest from his home in Bethlehem last week.
The lawyer quoted Al Battat as saying that “large numbers of Israeli soldiers stormed his house and threw stun and tear gas bombs inside, then released a police dog, which took down Al Battat’s left shoulder, leaving a deep wound in it. Then they started beating him on different parts of his body.”

After 107 days of hunger strike… Abu Hawwash in serious condition

Jawad Boulos, the lawyer for Hisham Abu Hawwash, said the Israeli appeals court in Ofer has again postponed the decision on the case of his client, who has been on hunger strike for 107 days in protest at his administrative detention without charge or trial.
Boulos added that the Israeli Prison Service has not provided a medical report to the court, although it was asked to provide it last week. Consequently, the court postponed its decision to obtain a medical report on Abu Hawwash’s health.

‘Israel’ demolishes wall, room in Palestinian village al-Walaja

The Israeli occupying municipality on Thursday demolished a wall and a room in the village of al-Walaja, north of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank, on the pretext of building without a permit.
Local sources said a staff of the Israeli occupation municipality, supported by Israeli soldiers, raided the village of al-Walaja earlier today, escorted a bulldozer and started demolishing the wall and the room.

Apple’s Siri Is Condemned For Not Recognizing Palestinian Time

Apple Inc has been condemned worldwide after a TikTok star’s video showing how Apple’s voice assistant Siri failed to recognize Palestinian territories went viral.
In the video, TikTok star and activist Maya Noora decided to show how Apple’s Siri discriminates against Palestinians by charging time in Palestine and several Palestinian cities.
Siri didn’t recognize the time there and said it has no idea.
However, when she decided to ask the time in “Israel,” Siri had an answer for her.

Palestinian hospitalized after Israeli soldiers attacked him near Jenin

Palestinian medical sources reported Wednesday evening that a young man was rushed to a hospital in Jenin, in the north of the West Bank, after Israeli soldiers detained him and transferred him to a military base where they repeatedly attacked him before knocking him unconscious. left the ground. side of the road.
The sources said the soldiers invaded the city of Ya’bad, southwest of Jenin, before detaining Raja Ahmad Abu Safat, 23.

Soldiers kidnap international peace activist, seize car, laptops and cameras in Hebron

Israeli soldiers abducted an international peace activist and seized a car, two laptops and cameras on Wednesday evening in the village of At-Tiwana, south of Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank.
Fuad al-‘Amour, the Protections and Steadfastness Committee in southern Hebron, said soldiers raided the village in Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron, before storming Suleiman al-Adra’s home and kidnapping an international peace activist in next to impounding his car.

Palestinian girl follows in imprisoned father’s footsteps

Randa Rimawi was just 8 months old when her father was detained by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank, Anadolu News Agency reports.
Her father, Abd Al-Karim Rimawi, was driving his car when he was detained at the Halamish military checkpoint south of Ramallah in 2001.
He was sentenced to 25 years in prison on charges of carrying out attacks against Israeli forces during the second Palestinian Intifada.
At the time of his detention, Abd al-Karim was in his last year at Birzeit University.

Israel ‘launders’ crimes against Palestinians during Gaza protests

Israel has not investigated shootings that killed more than 200 Palestinians and injured thousands more during the 2018 Great March of Return protests, human rights groups said in a joint report. The report was published by the Gaza-based Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) and B’Tselem titled “Unwilling and Unable: Israel’s Whitewashed Investigations of the Great March of Return Protests.”
The protests along the nominal border between Gaza and Israel called for the implementation of Palestinians’ legitimate right to return to their homes in what is now Israel, as well as to end the Israeli siege of the area.

Israeli settlers attack house, destroy car and uproot saplings, near Nablus

A group of illegal Israeli settlers on Thursday attacked a Palestinian home and destroyed the engine of a car, in addition to puncturing tires and cutting down several olive trees and stealing equipment, near Nablus in the northern West Bank.
Ghassan Daghlas, a Palestinian official who oversees Israel’s colonialist activities in the northern part of the West Bank, said the settlers came from the Ahiya colony built on stolen Palestinian lands.
He added that the colonizers attacked Hisham Ahmad Hammoud’s house, in the village of Jaloud, south of Nablus, in addition to puncturing the tires of his car and destroying the engine.

(Sources: Quds News Network, IMEMC, MEMO)

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