Thousands of Palestinians attend Dawn Prayer at Masjid Ibrahimi


AL-KHALIL, PALESTINOW.COMThousands of Palestinian citizens performed the Dawn Prayer at the Ibrahimi Mosque in al-Khalil on Friday in protest at Israeli restrictions and repeated closure of the site.

A large campaign has been launched in al-Khalil to encourage Palestinian residents to attend the Dawn and Friday prayers at the Ibrahimi Mosque in defiance of the Israeli occupation authorities who repeatedly prevent the Palestinians from praying at the mosque.

Last Saturday the Israeli occupation authorities banned Adhan (call for prayer) and Muslim prayers at the Ibrahimi Mosque and allowed thousands of Israeli settlers to desecrate the site to mark Jewish holidays.

The settlers, escorted by armed soldiers, attacked the Palestinian homes neighboring the mosque, assaulted their residents, and forced shop owners to close their stores during the break-in.

worshipers at Ibrahimi Mosque

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