this is my land..


This is My Land

This is my land, my home, my grave… Palestine
This is my land; no one can kick me out of here
I was born in here
I grew up here
And I will die in here
Palestine… the land of brave
I stand here to face Israeli tank
I have stone in one hand and a Palestine flag in other hand
I wear keffiyyeh for my mask, because I am Palestinian
With anger in my heart I start to throw stones to them
And they shot towards me
I looked them in my eyes
I have no afraid of them
I will fight until my last breath, until my last blood
This is my land
I will never ever give up, I will never give in
Freedom is only my aim
I exist to resist, that’s my motto
Because resistance is existence
This is my land
The land which covered by tears and bloods of martyrs
I will throw these stones to them, Zionist beasts
If I can’t kill them today
I’m sure I can kill them tomorrow or tomorrow after
I will keep my flag waves
For my people, for my dignity and for my land
This is my land… Palestine

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