the blood of the martyrs


My name is Salem al Shaer

I am fourteen years old

I’ve been shot by Israeli soldiers when I tried to stop them to bulldoze my house

People sent me to the hospital

I felt so many bloods came from my back

Yes, they had shot me on my back

I couldn’t think…

I felt nothing

All is black…

But I still heard my mom was crying

I still heard people around me were trying to safe me

I said “I can’t bear it… I can’t bear it…”

Doctor asked me to try not to move

I felt my body was so cold

He asked me to look at him

But… I couldn’t see anything

All is black…

Too many bloods I had lose

Too many tears my mother shed

She shouted “Ya Allah… Ya Allah”

I said to myself, “I want to live… I want to live”

Six hours later…

Allah has calling me…

Yes, I am martyr now

Allah has another plan for me

He loves me so that I became a martyr

A new martyr for mother Palestine

I heard my mother, my father

My sisters and my brothers were crying…

And thousands people were attending to my funeral

I’m not sad to be martyr

I’m proud of it… and my family must be proud of me too

Yesterday, I was a child

But today, I am a martyr

The blood that I sacrifice for mother Palestine will keep remaining

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