Sick Palestinian detainees report harsh conditions in Ramla jail


RAMALLAH, PALESTINOW.COM – The Palestinian Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs Commission on Tuesday said that 14 sick Palestinian detainees are being incarcerated in Israel’s Ramla jail under harsh conditions.

The commission’s lawyer, Fawwaz Shaloudi, who visited a number of sick detainees at Ramla jail on Tuesday, said that the Israel Prison Service does not take into account the detainees’ medical needs and deprive them of much-needed medications.

According to Shaloudi, among the detainees are those who are unable to do the most basic daily tasks, especially the ones suffering from paralysis and using wheelchairs, or suffering from live bullet injuries which they sustained during their arrest.

Two Palestinian detainees at Ramla jail have volunteered to help and serve the sick prisoners in view of deliberate medical negligence they are subjected to.

Shaloudi noted that the health condition of detainee Arqam Harsha has seriously worsened recently due to this negligence.

A few months ago, Harsha was shot by Israeli occupation forces and detained while injured. He only stayed at the hospital for 8 days before he was transferred to Ramla jail without completing his treatment. And now he can barely move.

Source: PIC

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