Sheikh Nawahdah banned from entering Al-Aqsa by ‘Israeli’ authorities


OCCUPIED AL-QUDS, PALESTINOW.COM‘Israeli’ occupation authorities banned the preacher of Al Aqsa mosque, Sheikh Ismail Nawahdah (73 years old), from entering the occupied city of Jerusalem for alleged “security-related reasons”.

Sheikh Ismail Nawahdah has been preaching at the holy mosque for nearly 35 years so far. He was assaulted by the Israeli authorities and prevented from entry to the Al Aqsa mosque several times.

Nawahdah told QNN that approximately two months ago, he was arrested by the Israeli police and interrogated at Al Maskibiyyeh interrogation center for alleged incitement. The interrogation was based on a sermon he delivered at the holy mosque. “They discussed each sentence of it with me”, he told QNN.

The sermon was about the Judaization of occupied Jerusalem and the suffering of Palestinians. It also mentioned the Israeli demolitions and violations into the Al Aqsa mosque. Sheikh Nawahdah used to speak in the first sermon about religious affairs and in the second about issues related to Palestine and Jerusalem.

Nawahdah was released two months ago on condition of being denied from visiting Al Aqsa mosque for 11 days. Last month, he was shocked when he was prevented from passing through Qaladndya military checkpoint for the same security-related claims.

The Sheikh has been preaching at the holy mosque since 1984. He was prevented from entering occupied Jerusalem ten year ago for two years, which was the longest period for him. He was also prevented from entering the city for several months three years ago.

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