Sheikh Ahmed Yasin, Resistance Icon of Palestine


NABLUS, PALESTINOW.COM — On the morning of Monday, March 22, 2004, Palestine and the Islamic world woke up to the news of the assassination of the founder of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, after being targeted by missiles fired by an Israeli Apache helicopter.

Sheikh Yassin was a spiritual father of every free person in this world; his struggle and resistance inspired many, and the seeds of goodness he planted with his comrades were the fruit of liberation. He became a symbol of the Palestinian national movement and he became known as one of the great Islamic nation leaders, who resisted occupation throughout history.

A nation in one person
On his martyrdom’s 14th anniversary, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Haj Ali, a Palestinian MP from Nablus recalls the good characteristics of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin as saying, “An entire nation was represented in him; he started from scratch by establishing and building a giant movement, with Hamas becoming an Islamic landmark and a solid movement that Sheikh Ahmed Yassin watched as it grew in size.”

Al-Haj Ali explained to the PIC that Yassin was wise, and despite his physical weakness and being paralyzed, he left no excuse to anyone, adding that Sheikh Yassin’s loyalty was the secret of the success of his call. He was a miracle as God enabled him to attract young people, bringing them closer to the path of goodness and prosperity, and taking them away from the behavior of evil and humiliation.

Historical phenomenon
Al-Haj Ali explained that Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, despite persecution by the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian Authority, continued to carry out the burden of the homeland and religion on his shoulders, making it a rare phenomenon in history.

“Over the years, we read about many great leaders, but they did not have the same impact of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.”

Speaking of the seed planted by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, MP Ahmed Al-Hajj Ali stressed that the feature that God has given to Sheikh Yassin, which distinguished him from others, was opening the path for his goodness seed which he planted and which later bloomed and bore the fruit.

The bright evidence of such work is the Jihad we are witnessing today, represented by Hamas and the Qassam Brigades, who are still resisting the occupation army to expel it from Palestine regardless of the cost, the MP concluded. (PIC)

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