Resistance delivered four messages during Saif Al-Quds battle


DOHA, PALESTINOW.COMKhaled Mishaal, Hamas’s leader abroad, said on Thursday that the resistance sent four messages during Saif Al-Quds battle: Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa are a red line, the Palestinian issue is indivisible, Palestinians have not and will not stop struggling despite the difficulties, and the “Zionist entity” will pay for its crimes against the Palestinians.

Mishaal, during the opening of a seminar by Al Jazeera Center for Studies and Al Jazeera Live, titled “The Palestinian issue on the 73rd anniversary of the Nakba”, added that there was an increase in the positive Arab position towards the Palestinian cause and some Arab leaders saw that it is time to repay the “Zionist entity”.

He pointed out that some western countries wanted to save the “Zionist entity” from the foolishness of its aggression and that the United States wanted to create new political bases in the region.

“Our nation interacted with the Saif Al-Quds battle and was united as all the Palestinian people joined the battle and they found creative ways of resistance that worried the Zionist entity”, he underlined.

Mishaal stressed that the resistance can accomplish its goals and can establish a strategy to liberate Palestine and Al-Aqsa. “There is a new Palestinian and Arab message to the western world: The Zionist entity is finished and we do not accept its occupation”, he noted.

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