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Israeli troops storm Shuafat refugee camp, firing tear gas canisters at students

On Saturday morning, Israeli occupation forces fired poison gas bombs as students headed for their schools in the Shuafat refugee camp, north of occupied Jerusalem.
Local sources reported that a large Israeli force stormed the Shuafat camp, firing sound and gas bombs at students and civilian homes.
They explained that several students and civilians suffocated from inhaling the poisonous gas and that clashes broke out between the occupying forces and the youths.
The Shuafat camp is subject to constant raids by the Israeli occupation forces, arrest campaigns, clashes and repeated demolitions.

Israeli gunboats open fire on Palestinian fishing boats

Israeli gunboats opened machine gun fire on Palestinian fishing boats working at sea in northwestern Gaza on Saturday morning, with no casualties.
The fishing committees said the incident took place outside the area of al-Sudaniya, adding that the fishermen were fishing within the permitted fishing area.

Israeli troops kidnap 9 Palestinians in West Bank raids

Israeli occupation forces arrested 9 Palestinians in the West Bank on Friday during raids followed by clashes with Palestinian youths.
In Ramallah, Israeli occupation forces stormed several suburbs and were confronted by dozens of Palestinian youths, who threw firebombs at the soldiers. The soldiers, in turn, also fired live, rubber-coated bullets and tear gas bombs to stun the young men.

Gaza removes three dead bodies from commercial tunnels

Three Palestinians died on Thursday when the Egyptian military pumped poisonous gas into a commercial tunnel, sources reported.
The General Federation of Palestine Trade Unions mourned the three workers who died in one of the border tunnels between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.
They said in a statement: “We were shocked by the incident in which the Egyptian army sprayed poisonous gas into one of the commercial border tunnels south of Rafah, killing three workers working in this tunnel seeking an income underground. ”
The statement said the three workers are: Wissam Nazmi Ayyad, Issa Khairy Abu Hassoun and Muhammad Jihad Ayyad.

3 Palestinian workers found dead in Gaza-Egypt border tunnel

The Palestinian Interior Ministry in Gaza announced on Thursday that three Palestinian workers were found dead in the tunnel used to smuggle goods from Egypt to the besieged Gaza Strip.
Toxic gas was injected into the tunnel from the Egyptian side, according to the Interior Ministry, while workers were working inside.
On Friday, Palestinian factions in Gaza condemned the “murder” of the workers and blamed the Egyptian authorities for their deaths.

Three Palestinians killed in tunnel Rafah

The Palestinian Interior Ministry in the Gaza Strip has reported that three Palestinians have been killed in a tunnel in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.
Update: The three Palestinians have been identified as Wisam Ayyad, 20, Mohammad Jihad Ayyad and Issa Abu Hannoun.
On his Facebook page, Iyad El-Bozom, the official spokesman for the Interior Ministry, stated that the bodies of three tunnel workers were in the rubble of a collapsed tunnel.
He added that the bodies were found after a search and rescue operation was launched in the southern part of Rafah, in the border area with Egypt.

Save Israel… Campaign Calls For Release Of Critically Injured Mother Imprisoned By ‘Israel’

Activists and former detainees launched a campaign on social media platforms, calling for the release of Israa Ja’abis, a critically injured mother imprisoned by the occupation state and in need of urgent medical intervention.
The campaign, which was trending on the hashtag #SaveIsraa, said: “It is shameful that the cause of Israa is not a top priority for the government and human rights groups, especially that she urgently needs more than eight operations to live an almost normal life. ”
Ja’abis will need “surgery to separate her burned fingers, another to transplant skin that would cover exposed bones, and another to sever ears, which burned and got stuck,” the campaign statement said.
The campaign added that Jaabis “cannot lift her arms because her armpit skin is trapped. She also needs surgery to repair the skin around her right eye, nose and lips.”

Israel kidnaps 7 journalists in South Hebron Hills

Israeli forces several days ago attacked a group of journalists covering a protest in the South Hebron Hills, with one of the soldiers telling reporters while they confiscated their cameras and detaining them that the military had orders to journalists,” according to eyewitnesses.
According to Israeli journalist Haggai Matar of +972 Mag: “On Friday, Israeli soldiers arrested seven Palestinian journalists covering a nonviolent protest against illegal settlements in the South Hebron Hills in the West Bank. Journalists were handcuffed and taken to a police station, where they were later released.”

(Sources: Days of Palestine, Quds News Network, IMEMC, MEMO)

Henny A.J. Kreeft
Independent Citizen Journalism

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