Protecting Mosque, Palestinian Teen Killed, Prisoners Attacked, Tents Seized, House Stormed, Houses Demolished, Palestinians Arrested


Palestinians gather to protect Mosque from settler attacks in the city of Lod

Palestinians from the occupied city of Lod gathered – on Sunday evening – in front of “The Great Mosque”. To protect it from any aggression that the Israeli settlers might carry out as they march through the city.
Palestinian lawyer and activist Khaled Zabarka said what the people of Lod did was a deterrent to any attempt to target the Mosque or the Palestinians in the city, as happened during the Dignity Revolution last May.

Palestinian teen killed at West Bank checkpoint

A Palestinian teenager was shot dead after his car rammed into a checkpoint in the West Bank Monday morning, seriously injuring an Israeli soldier.
According to Hebrew media, the murdered young man was identified as 16-year-old Mohammad Nidal Younis from Nablus City.
He was showered with a hail of bullets from other soldiers near the Jabara military checkpoint between Tulkarm (West Bank) and Taibeh (Southern Triangle). He was taken to an Israeli hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Israeli troops shoot Palestinian youths in Tulkarm

Israeli occupation forces shot and killed a Palestinian youth at the military checkpoint at Jabara, south of Tulkarm in the occupied West Bank, on Sunday night.
Local sources said Israeli occupation soldiers opened fire on the 16-year-old Palestinian, identified as Mohammad Nidal Younis, while he was driving past the checkpoint last night.
The teenager was involved in an accident, in which an Israeli soldier was injured. However, Israeli media claimed that he tried to run over some soldiers at the checkpoint.

16-year-old Palestinian youth shot dead by IOF: sources

A 16-year-old Palestinian boy was killed Monday morning by gunfire from the Israeli occupation forces.
Israelis carry out daily killings, assaults, crimes, storms and arrests on Palestinian men and women and make sure they defend their land and rights.
As you drive in your car, imagine that the occupying troops are following you. This is what happened to Mohammad Nidal Younis who tried to evade the Israeli occupation forces that followed him to turn his car on their barrier at the Jabara checkpoint between Tulkarm and Taybeh, and then the occupation completes its crime by shooting him.

After shooting him, Israeli troops storm Palestinian martyr’s home in Nablus

Israeli occupation forces stormed the home of Palestinian martyr Mohammad Younis in the Nablus village of Kafr Qallil in the occupied West Bank on Monday after shooting him dead last night.
Local sources said the occupation forces brutally stormed Mohammad’s house in Kafr Qallil village and destroyed the furniture, turning the house upside down.

The Israeli occupation forces attacked the prisoners of the “Freedom Tunnel” in the courtroom

Israeli occupation soldiers attacked the inmates of the “Gilboa Prison Tunnel” during a court hearing held Monday at the Magistrate’s Court in the city of Nazareth. According to press sources who were present in the courtroom, the occupation forces have expelled the journalists from the courtroom in the wake of what happened, while the date of the next court hearing was set for January 16 and a trial for detainee Ayham Kammji will take place on the twenty-fifth of the same month.

Israeli army seizes three tents in Nablus

Israeli forces seized three tents and displaced their residents in the village of Beit Furik in eastern Nablus on Sunday.
Local sources said Israeli forces invaded the area and seized three tents belonging to Arafat Mahmoud Nasasrah and forced him out of the area.
Israeli forces also seized a farm tractor owned by Nasasrah.

Israeli troops demolish houses and a well near Hebron

Israeli forces on Monday demolished two Palestinian homes and a well south of Hebron in the occupied West Bank, according to a local activist.
Fouad al-Amour told the Palestinian News & Information Agency (WAFA) that Israeli forces have demolished an Abu Salah al-Ja’abari residential building in the village of Erfa’ya, east of the city of Yatta.

Sources: IOF demolishes house near Hebron

According to local sources, Israeli soldiers destroyed a private residence on Monday east of Yatta, south of the occupied West Bank city of Hebron.
Activist, Fouad al-Amour, reported that the soldiers demolished a residential building belonging to local resident Abu Salah al-Ja’abari in the village of Erfa’ya, east of Yatta.
It should be emphasized that residents of the hamlet are routinely attacked by Israeli forces in order to force them to give up their properties in favor of settlers.

Army detains nine Palestinians, including a child in the West Bank

According to local sources, Israeli forces detained several Palestinian citizens of the occupied West Bank on Monday, including an 11-year-old child and a university student.
In the central West Bank town of Silwad, northeast of Ramallah, Israeli forces have rounded up three young men identified as Abdul Rahman Faris, Abdul Ghani Faris, a Birzeit University student, and a former prisoner, Moataz Hamed.
East of Ramallah, soldiers detained a Palestinian, identified as Khaled Nawabit from the city of Burqa, after he stormed and destroyed his home.

(Sources: Days of Palestine, Quds News Network, IMEMC, The Gaza Post)

Henny A.J. Kreeft
Independent Citizen Journalism

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