Palestinians proved to world that Jerusalem is a red line: Ismail Haneyya


DOHA, PALESTINOW.COMIsmail Haneyya, Hamas’s leader, said on Friday that the Palestinian people everywhere have proven to the whole world that the Al-Aqsa Mosque is for Muslims and Jerusalem is a red line.

Haneyya added in a speech on the occasion of the victory of the Palestinians over the Israeli occupation in Saif Al-Quds battle that with the help of Allah the resistance on the land of Gaza was able to defend Jerusalem and to initiate a new page in the history of the Palestinian people.

He congratulated the Palestinians for this great victory recorded by the valiant resistance against the “Zionist enemy.”

The Hamas leader said that all Palestinian factions had dealt painful blows to the “Zionist enemy” that will have deep impact on its society, security, military institutions, and even on its future existence on the Palestinian land.

Haneyya saluted the resistance and its leaders and stressed that the Palestinians and the resistance will not retreat and will continue to march towards liberation of Jerusalem.

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