Palestinians killed, Detainees transferred, Palestinians kidnapped, Attack on Gaza, Palestinians arrested, Family of escaped prisoner summoned


8 Palestinians killed by Israel, settlers in August

Israeli occupation forces and settlers committed 2,063 violations against Palestinians in August, killing eight Palestinians, including a child, the Palestinian media agency in the occupied West Bank reported.
The report named the martyrs Imad Ali Dwaikat, Diaa al-Din al-Sabarini, Raed Abu Seif, Amjad Hussainiya, Nour Jarrar, Saleh Ammar, Raed Rashid and Imad Hashash who was underage.
About 455 civilians were injured in 103 shootings by the occupying forces and settlers, and 53 attacks by settlers.
The report documented 110 raids on civilian homes and 323 raids on various areas in the West Bank and in occupied Jerusalem, during which occupation forces arrested 377 Palestinians while establishing 340 temporary and permanent checkpoints.

Israeli prison service transfers many Palestinian prisoners to other cells and prisons

Following the escape of six Palestinian inmates from Gilboa Prison on Monday, the Israeli prison service (IPS) has begun carrying out large-scale inter-prison transfers and moving prisoners from their cells and prisons to other places.
According to the Palestinian Commission of Detainees’ and Ex-Detainees’ Affairs, some prominent detainees of Islamic Jihad were transferred to the Jalamah interrogation center.

Israeli troops kidnap four Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem

Israeli occupation forces kidnapped four Palestinian civilians in the West Bank and Jerusalem on Monday.
According to local sources, Israeli soldiers kidnapped 17-year-old Kareem al-Ja’bari at a checkpoint near the Ibrahimi Mosque in the city of al-Khalil, after accusing him of carrying a sharp object.

Israel launches another airstrike on besieged Gaza Strip

Israeli warplanes have launched another nighttime attack on Palestinian resistance positions in the besieged Gaza Strip after claiming incendiary balloons had been launched from the Palestinian enclave.
The Israeli army claims it hit a “arms factory and a Hamas rocket launcher” late on Saturday.
According to local sources, fighter jets attacked facilities south of Gaza City with no immediate casualties.
There was no direct indication as to which group in Gaza was responsible for the balloon launch, but Israel holds Hamas accountable for any action.

‘Israel’ attacks targets in Gaza Strip at midnight

The Israeli occupation state carried out a series of airstrikes on several areas in the Gaza Strip on Monday evening.
Israeli warplanes fired at least four rockets at two sites in the southern Gaza Strip town of Khan Younis, causing fire to break out at the site.
In response, the Palestinian resistance opened fire on Israeli warplanes and drones hovering intensively at low altitudes over the Strip skies.
There were no reports of casualties in the bombings.

Israeli warplanes strike two sites in Gaza

The Israeli occupation fired rockets at two locations in the southern Gaza Strip on Monday night, causing material damage, the Palestine News and Information Agency (Wafa) reported.
Wafa correspondent stated that Israeli fighter jets have invaded Palestinian airspace and hit two sites west of Khan Younis.
The Israeli bombing caused damage to civilian property, but there were no human casualties, according to the Jerusalem Press

Israel has arrested 2,800 Palestinian civilians since May

Israeli police have detained more than 2,800 Palestinian citizens of the occupation state since May, the Safa news agency reported Tuesday. They were arrested after taking to the streets in protest against the Israeli offensive that killed more than 250 people in Gaza.
According to lawyer Khaled Zabarqeh, 40 of those arrested have been charged by Israeli courts. Thirty-five are still in prison.

Israel summons father and brother of escaped Palestinian prisoner

Israeli occupation forces yesterday imposed new security restrictions on the occupied Palestinian governorate of Jenin in the northern West Bank and summoned the father and brother of one of the Palestinian prisoners who had escaped from a maximum-security prison earlier in the day.
Fouad Kahamji and his son Majd, the father and brother of Iham who escaped from Gilboa prison yesterday, were summoned by Israeli occupation forces.
Eyewitnesses said an Israeli infantry division was deployed in the Marj Ibn Amr plain, near the Al-Safi Horse Club, and that occupation soldiers began checking the identity cards of Palestinians in the area.

Israel sets up checkpoints around Gaza to catch escapes

Israeli occupation forces on Monday set up flying checkpoints around the blockaded Gaza Strip, fearing that the six Palestinian prisoners who escaped overnight from a high-security prison could attempt to enter the coastal area, Sana news agency reported.
According to Israeli media reports, it is not easy to enter Gaza because of the “security wall”. However, they point out that some Palestinians were able to breach the wall and get through it. Capturing, or killing, the refugees is also expected to lead to retaliation by Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza and Lebanon.

(Sources: Days of Palestine, Quds News Network, IMEMC, MEMO)

Henny A.J. Kreeft
Independent Citizen Journalism

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