Palestinians Arrest, Racist Slogans, Teen Burial, Wounded Man Shot Dead, Social Media Violations


Israeli troops arrest three civilians, including two children

Israeli occupation forces Friday arrested three Palestinian civilians, including two children, and have postponed the trial of a prisoner in his prison.
Local sources said Israeli occupation forces stormed the Al-Fawwar refugee camp south of Hebron, arrested the two children, Bilal and Jalal Al-Bayed, and took them to an unknown destination.

Israeli settlers spray racist slogans on the walls of Sheikh Jarrah

Israeli settlers on Friday sprayed racist slogans to cover graffiti on the walls of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem.
The attack is the second in less than a week. Residents of the neighborhood stressed that they will never give up and that the Israeli attacks will never weaken them.
Last Tuesday, Israeli settlers and agents squatted the neighborhood and sprayed racist slogans on walls. They also set up a large Hanukkah menorah stand in front of Al-Kurd’s house.

Israeli settlers vandalize al-Kurd’s house for second time in less than a week

Jewish settlers have sprayed racist graffiti on the home of the Palestinian Al-Kurd family in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, while Palestinian families in the east of the city continue to face eviction from their homes.
According to the Palestine News Agency (WAFA) and photos it posted on Twitter, settlers sprayed Jewish stars and other markings on the artistic Palestinian-themed murals on the Al-Kurd family’s exterior walls in an attempt to cover them up. The incident makes it the second time in less than a week that their property has been vandalized. Colonial Israeli settlers are spraying racist graffiti on the al-Kurd family’s home in the #SheikhJarrah neighborhood for the second time in less than a week!

Teenager buried after more than a year of Israeli confiscation

Muhammad Matar’s family and friends (16 years old) finally got to see him one last time before he was buried today in his village, Deir Abu Mish’al in western Ramallah, after more than a year of confiscation by ‘Israel ‘.
Israeli authorities handed over Mohammed’s body Friday after hiding it for more than a year.
The 16-year-old boy was killed by Israeli soldiers at the entrance to his village in August 2020. They withheld his body and refused to allow his family to bury him or hold a funeral.

Israeli Police Execute Wounded Man in Bab Al Amoud

Israeli border police have executed an injured young man in Bab al Amoud’s garden.
Video footage taken by a driver in the area shows an injured young man lying on the ground. Israeli Border Police shot the young man from close range and executed him in cold blood.
No further details are known about the identity of the young man.

Israeli troops prevent medical crews from reaching shot young man in Bab al Amoud

Local sources said Israeli border police officers prevented medical crews from reaching a young man to provide medical care, who was shot at close range in the Bab Al Amoud area of occupied Jerusalem.
The Red Crescent confirmed the reports, stressing that Israeli forces prevented the crews from providing medical care to the young man.
Israeli forces executed the injured young man, though he was already on the ground and unable to move.
Israeli media claimed the young man planned to launch a stabbing attack against armed Israeli forces.

Sources: Israeli soldiers shoot Palestinian youth at Damascus Gate

The Israeli occupation shot dead a Palestinian boy in occupied Jerusalem on Saturday night, alleging he stabbed and seriously injured an Israeli settler, sources reported.
Bron said members of the occupation forces shot a Palestinian young man in the Damascus Gate area and prevented people from reaching him.
On the other hand, the Israeli occupation radio reported that the Palestinian had “stabbed” an Israeli settler into the Damascus Gate before being shot by the occupation.
The Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported that the settler’s injury was “moderate and severe”. Indicated that it is located in the upper part of the body.

Old City Field Execution Victim Identified as Muhammad Abu Saleemeh

The victim of the Israeli field execution in the Old City in occupied Jerusalem has been identified as Muhammad Shawkat Abu Saleemeh.
Abu Saleemeh (23 years old) was a former detainee in Israeli prisons. He is originally from the town of Salfit in the central West Bank.
Israeli forces executed Abu Saleemeh today in the Bab Al Amoud area of occupied Jerusalem, though he was wounded and unable to move.
Following the on-site execution, Israeli forces began an extensive detention campaign that resulted in more than 40 injuries and an unknown number of Palestinians detained.

91 Social Media Violations Against Palestinian Content in November by Meta

Sada Social Center, a Ramallah-based social media monitoring organization, announced on Saturday that the Meta company, formerly Facebook, Inc. and the parent organization of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, continues to treat Palestinian content in accordance with Israeli guidelines. It stated in a new report that it documented 91 violations of Palestinian content on social media platforms in the month of November, describing it as the worst for Palestinian content.
“The Meta company continues to engage with Palestinian content according to Israeli dictates, besieging Palestinian terminology and narratives, and restricting media platforms from covering the events on the ground through their accounts, as Facebook targeted more than 65 accounts between complete bans. and restrictions, in addition to 17 violations of the Instagram application,” reports Sada Social.

(Sources: Says of Palestine, Quds News Network, The Gaza Post, MEMO)

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