Palestinian Shops Demolished, Farmland Destruction, Large-Scale Demolition, Palestinians Kidnapped


Israeli Troops Demolish Palestinian Stores in Occupied Jerusalem

Israeli occupation forces destroyed Palestinian stores at the Hizma checkpoint in northeastern Jerusalem earlier on Wednesday.
Local sources said Israeli forces have demolished more than 20 Palestinian shops near the Hizma checkpoint in the occupied city since the early morning hours.
Under the pretense of illegal construction, “Israel” regularly demolishes homes and buildings to limit Palestinian expansion into occupied Jerusalem.
At the same time, the municipality and the occupying government built tens of thousands of homes in illegal settlements in occupied East Jerusalem for Jews with the aim of balancing the demographic in favor of the Israeli settlers in the occupied city.

“Israel” has been moving its citizens to occupied Jerusalem since the 1980s. This has led to numerous human rights violations, including the forced displacement of Palestinian residents.
Hundreds of Palestinian families are also threatened with forced displacement and the demolition of their homes by illegal settlers, fully supported by the Israeli government.
Nearly 700,000 Israeli settlers live in 256 illegal settlements and outposts across the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Israeli settlements are illegal under international law.

Israeli soldiers demolish eight commercial buildings in Hizma

Israeli soldiers demolished eight commercial buildings on Wednesday in the city of Hizma, northeast of occupied East Jerusalem, in the West Bank.
Local sources said the soldiers surrounded and raided the area near Hizma’s military roadblock before demolishing eight buildings owned by members of the local Khatib family.
Attorney Midhat Theeba said the central court in Jerusalem two months ago rejected an appeal filed by a colonialist organization demanding the demolition of the buildings, but it changed its verdict and issued a demolition order that was carried out within eight hours. before the Palestinians could possibly appeal.
In recent months, the colonialist organization Regavim has filed lawsuits demanding the demolition of 16 buildings in Hizma, all owned by the Khatib family, claiming that the buildings are all within Jerusalem’s borders.

Army demolishes agricultural space, uproots land, in Sebastia

Israeli soldiers on Wednesday raided the Palestinian town of Sebastia, north of the city of Nablus in the north of the West Bank, before demolishing an agricultural area and bulldozing the surrounding farmlands.
Mohammad Azem, the mayor of Sebastia, said the soldiers invaded the country close to the archaeological area before demolishing the space owned by Abdul-Aziz Nabulsi.
He added that the soldiers also bulldozed and uprooted the surrounding land, in addition to destroying an irrigation network and a fence.
Azem also stated that this is the second time the soldiers have demolished the space in recent months.

WAFA: “Israeli Forces Carry Out Large-Scale Demolition Work in Northern Jordan Valley”

On Wednesday, Aug. 4, an official said Israeli forces extensively vandalized Palestinian properties in the village of Khirbet Ibzeiq, northeast of Tubas.
Mu’taz Besharat, a Palestinian official who oversees Israeli colonial settlement activities in Tubas Governorate, said Israeli forces have escorted bulldozers into the village, where the heavy machinery has knocked down residential structures and livestock sheds and sabotaged water tanks and solar panels since then. 6:00 am this morning.
The soldiers also seized several farm tractors and private vehicles.
Under international law, evicting residents of an occupied territory from their homes is considered a forced transfer of protected persons, which is a war crime. But residents of Palestinian communities in the Jordan Valley are no strangers to such disruptive Israeli policies.
The valley, a fertile strip of land that runs west along the Jordan, is home to about 65,000 Palestinians and makes up about 30% of the West Bank.
Since 1967, when the Israeli military occupied the West Bank, Israel has transferred at least 11,000 of its Jewish citizens to the Jordan Valley. Some of the settlements they live in are built almost entirely on Palestinian private land.

Israeli soldiers kidnap 10 Palestinians in West Bank

Israeli soldiers abducted at least ten Palestinians, including a woman and a child, at dawn on Wednesday, in addition to summoning many others for questioning, in various parts of the occupied West Bank.
Media sources in Hebron, in the south of the West Bank, said the soldiers invaded Sa’ir City, northeast of the city, raided and ransacked houses before kidnapping three Palestinians identified as Ezzeddin Ahmad Shalalda, 26, Humam Shalalda, 30, and Mohammad Diab Tarda, 30.
The sources added that the soldiers installed a roadblock at the entrance to the village of Kharsa, south of Hebron, before stopping and searching dozens of cars, questioning many Palestinians as they inspected their ID cards.
The soldiers also invaded the Balata refugee camp, east of the northern city of Nablus on the West Bank, ransacked homes and kidnapped two siblings identified as Eyad Wael Meshe and his brother, Jamil.

(Sources: Quds News Network, IMEMC, Days of Palestine)

Henny A.J. Kreeft
Independent Citizen Journalism

© Khamakar News Agency / 04.08.2021

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