Palestinian refugees in Syria suffered more by rat bites


DAMASCUS, PALESTINOW.COM — Palestinian families taking refuge in I’zaz Camp, north of Syria, continue to launch distress signals over the dramatic spread of rodents, particularly rats, in the area, the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria (AGPS) reported on Sunday.

Activist Ammar al-Qudusi, also member of the Association of Displaced Palestinians, said a child was bitten by a rat in his lower lip, adding that at least 13 more persons, among them a two-month toddler, suffered rat bites.

He slammed local authorities for their apathy regarding the issue, saying the use of arsenic poisoning by the camp administration to kill rats has gone fruitless.

The residents raised concerns over the safety of their children owing to the propagation of lethal infections and fever, among other illnesses caused by rat bites.

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