Palestinian Protest, No Tech for Apartheid, Nike Stops Sales, Farmers Attacked, Palestinians Injured, ‘Better Future’, Hunger Strike


Palestinians in Israel Protest Israel Police’s Failure to Stop Rising Crime

Palestinians held a demonstration today outside an Israeli police station in Sakhnin, an Arab city in Israel, against the failure of the Israeli police to stop the rise in crime in Israel’s Arab communities.
Protesters held black flags, photos of crime victims and banners condemning the increasing crimes and the complicity and inaction of the Israeli police against the increase in crime in Arab cities in Israel.
Palestinians in Israel accuse the police and government of discriminating against them and not doing enough to stop crime in their cities compared to Jewish cities.

Over 40 US Organizations Join 500+ Tech Workers Demanding Amazon and Google End All Ties to Israeli Apartheid

More than 40 grassroots organizations, including Jewish Voice for Peace, MPower Change and Fight for the Future, launched the “No Tech For Apartheid” campaign in response to an open letter from more than 500 Amazon and Google employees published in The Guardian yesterday. were published calling on their employers to cancel their contract with the Israeli military known as “Project Nimbus”, and refuse all contracts that allow Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people.
When Israeli bombs razed entire residential buildings in Gaza last May, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud executives put pen to paper to secure Project Nimbus: a lucrative $1.22 billion dollar contract with the Israeli government. build cloud infrastructure for the military and ministries.

Nike stops selling in Israeli stores

Israeli stores have been hammered by sportswear manufacturer Nike. The mega-brand has announced it will end sales of its products in stores in the occupation state, a move welcomed by social media users as another win for the international Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign.
“After a comprehensive review by the Company and in light of the evolving marketplace, it has been determined that continuing the business relationship between you and the Company is no longer in line with Company policies and objectives,” Nike said in a letter. shipped to stores in Israel.

Israeli settlers and soldiers attack olive farmers in Turmus Ayya

Several injuries were reported today among farmers living in Turmus Ayya in northern Ramallah, when Israeli settler militias, protected by Israeli soldiers, attacked them.
Local sources said a group of Israeli settlers attacked farmers while they were harvesting olives. The settlers used sticks and stones. An elderly person and a little girl were said to have been injured.
The sources added that Israeli settlers also burned a car, destroyed others and broke olive trees.

Settlers attack Palestinian farmers and burn vehicle north of Ramallah

Illegal Israeli settlers on Saturday attacked Palestinian farmers, injuring one and destroying four vehicles in the centrally occupied West Bank town of Turmus Ayya, north of Ramallah, local sources reported.
The Palestinian farmers, who harvest their olives on their own land east of the city, were attacked by 20 Israeli settlers from a nearby settlement built on expropriated Palestinian land.

Israeli soldiers injure many Palestinians near Jenin

Israeli soldiers injured many Palestinians on Saturday night during protests that broke out south of Jenin, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.
Eyewitnesses said the soldiers installed two sudden military roadblocks at the village junction of Anza and village junction Ejja, before stopping and searching dozens of cars and questioning many Palestinians, sparking protests.

Qatar envoy: ‘Gaza on its way to a better future’

The chairman of Qatar’s Gaza Reconstruction Committee, Mohammed Al-Emadi, announced on Friday that Gaza is moving towards a better future, news agencies reported.
Speaking to journalists at an event in Gaza, he said: “Gaza is heading for the best this year and years to come.”
He stated that reconstruction of the houses and facilities destroyed during the Israeli offensive will begin soon.
“The reconstruction will be faster than after the previous wars,” he said, referring to the reconstruction of Gaza after the Israeli offensives in 2008/9, 2012 and 2014.

ICRC calls for an end to Palestinian hunger strikers crisis in Israeli prisons

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on Friday called for a solution to the situation of the six hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons that will prevent loss of life as their health deteriorates seriously.
“We reiterate our urgent appeal on Mr Miqdad Al-Qawasmeh and Mr Kayed Nammoura (Fasfous),” Els Debuf, head of the ICRC mission in Jerusalem, posted on Twitter.
Debuf added: “The ICRC urges the authorities, the detainees and their representatives to find a solution that will prevent the loss of life. We will continue to monitor and monitor their situation closely, as we are doing for the six detainees currently on hunger strike, including Mr Al Araj.”
The head of the ICRC mission also said: “Every detainee should be treated humanely and with dignity.”

Seven administrative detainees continue hunger strike in Israeli prisons

Seven Palestinian prisoners have been on indefinite hunger strike for several periods in protest at their administrative detention, without charge or trial.
Inmate Kayed al-Fasfous, from the city of Dura in al-Khalil, is considered the longest hunger striker as he has been on hunger strike for 102 days.
The other hunger-striking administrative prisoners are Miqdad al-Qawasmeh, Alaa al-Araj, Hisham Abu Hawash, Shadi Abu Aker and Eyyad al-Harimi and Ra’fat Abu Rabiee. They are on hunger strike for 94, 77, 68, 60, 31 and 7 days respectively.
Most hunger strikers, especially hunger strikers Fasfous and Qawasmeh, are suffering from life-threatening health problems as a result of their prolonged hunger strike, according to the Palestinian Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees.

(Sources: Days of Palestine, Quds News Network, IMEMC, MEMO)

Henny A.J. Kreeft
Independent Citizen Journalism

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