Occupation bombed Gaza because kites, is it fair?


GAZA, PALESTINOW.COM — Palestinians have been flying kites into Occupied Palestine (Israeli territory) during weekly protests in Gaza. The Palestinian youths decorated the kites with photos of protesters killed by Occupation snipers, the kites carry burning rags to start fires across the border areas.

They are cheap to make, costing around $2 but have burned more than 6,000 acres of farmland, causing $2.5 million in damages. The fires have hurt no Israelis but Israeli snipers have reportedly shot Palestinians flying kites, while warplanes fired warning shots at the tents where they made.
In what`s become the latest symbol of resistance, kite fliers are attaching fishing nets to disrupt Israeli drones targeting protesters.

Israel has responded by deploying drones to intercept the kites, but Palestinians have been successful in downing some of the drones. Israeli forces have killed at least 132 people and wounded more than 14,000 Palestinians since Great March of Return protest began (30/3).

Since the illegal occupation over Palestine began, Israeli occupation often respond Palestinian popular resistance with violence. They shot Palestinians who threw stones at them, bombed Palestinians who flied kites toward them, they do not know about the meaning of self-defense and keep calling what Palestinians did terrorism act. Meanwhile they used prohibited weapons against Palestinians, such as butterfly bullets and toxic gas. And don`t forget that Israel used phosphorus bombs on their aggressions in Gaza in 2008/2009.

Israel keep pretending that they are the victims, and accused Palestinians are the criminals. Let us see, how many Palestinians have been killed since the Great Return March began. How many casualties? How many amputees? (ELF)

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