Netanyahu flew to London to meet Theresa May


PALESTINOW.COM — Walla website reported on Sunday that Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, flew to London to hold meetings with the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The website said that the two meetings will discuss regional issues, especially the Iranian issue after tensions escalated between Washington and Tehran over the missile tests Iran conducted last week, as well as the Palestinian file.

Theresa May is the first leader in the world to hold a meeting with the new US president Donald Trump immediately after he took office, and Netanyahu is supposed to meet with him in the middle of the next week.

The meeting between the two prime ministers will give Netanyahu an opportunity to figure out Trump’s attitude toward the issues he intends to discuss with him.

The Palestinian cause is expected to be a central issue among the discussions between Netanyahu and May especially that the latter is a well-known supporter of Israel in the international arena.

May slammed John Kerry, the former US Secretary of State, in December 2016 after the speech he delivered following the UN Security Council’s resolution No. 2334, and said, “Settlements are not the only problem in the conflict.”

According to the Hebrew website, the British capital is expected to witness many protests upon the arrival of Netanyahu to the British government’s head office.

Dozens of activists, in solidarity with the Palestinian cause, are preparing to organize demonstrations rejecting hosting Netanyahu. (PIC)

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