Netanyahu approves 40 million Shekels for Jewish illegal settlements


TEL AVIV, PALESTINOW.COMIsraeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu announced the allocation of 40 million shekels (NIS) in aid, to support the ‘security and emergency budget’ in the West Bank and Jordan Valley.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said that the Israeli government will approve the allocation of 40 million shekels to support the settlements, during a meeting on Sunday with the heads of settlement councils in the West Bank. Netanyahu stressed that he will continue support, and strengthen the settlements, noting that a security grant, in the amount of 34.5 million NIS.

The increase in budget of 5.5 million NIS is allotted for the immediate support of ambulance stations in the West Bank and the Jordan Valley, as well as 3.6 million NIS for settlement support centers.

Netanyahu said: “We will provide this grant within the framework of preserving the lives and security of our brothers who live there.”

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