Mohammed al-Qiq enters his 16th day of his second hunger strike


PALESTINOW.COM — The Palestinian journalist Mohammed al-Qiq entered on Wednesday the 16th day of his second hunger strike in Israeli jails with no solution in the horizon.

The Prisoners Center for Studies called in a press statement on the human rights organizations involved in prisoners’ issues to support the hunger-striking prisoners against the administrative detention imposed on them by the Israeli Security Agency (Shin Bet) and the Israeli military courts.

The Center pointed out that three of the prisoners are on open hunger strike in protest at their administrative detention including Mohammed al-Qiq, who has been on hunger strike for 16 days now, and Jamal Abu al-Lil and Raed Muteir, who entered their 7th day of hunger strike.

Rafat Hamdouna, the head of the Prisoners Center for Studies, said that the administrative detention imposed on Palestinian prisoners without indictments except secret files constitute “a nightmare haunting the lives of new prisoners and administrative detainees in Israeli jails.”

He pointed out that the administrative verdicts are contrary to the humanitarian law and the axioms of democracy and human rights principles, and they are used by the Israeli occupation authorities as a desperate attempt to undermine the determination of Palestinian prisoners and their families by using void security justifications.

Hamdouna called for boosting the steadfastness of the striking prisoners by all means possible, and stressed the need to pressure Israel and cooperate with international institutions to expose the occupation which markets itself as a country of democracy and freedom. (PIC)

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