Kidnappings, Drivers attacked, Increased alert for manhunt, Wounded


Israeli forces target former prisoners and brothers, kidnapped on Friday

In the early hours of Friday morning, Israeli forces raided several villages in the northern part of the West Bank and kidnapped six Palestinians sleeping in their homes — all former prisoners or siblings of former prisoners.
Following the high-profile escape of six Palestinian prisoners earlier this week, Israeli forces have cracked down on Palestinian prisoners and their families.
In the city of Araba, in the Jenin district of the northern West Bank, soldiers raided and kidnapped three siblings of released prisoner Mahmoud Ardah, his sister Basima and his two brothers Raed and Mohammad.

Close relatives of escapees among eight West Bank inmates

According to local sources and the Palestine Prisoner’s Society, Israeli forces detained eight Palestinians overnight on Friday, including close relatives of the six inmates who recently managed to escape from a highly fortified Israeli prison.
The director of the PPP office in Jenin Muntaser Samour said a sizeable Israeli force had raided the town of Arraba, south of the northern city of Jenin in the West Bank.
While in the city, the soldiers ransacked and ransacked many of the homes of the closest relatives of Mahmoud Ardah, one of the six escapees, and arrested Ardah’s sister, Bassema, and brothers, Raed and Mohammed.
The soldiers also entered the village of Bir al-Basha, where they re-arrested two cousins ​​of Yaqoub Mahmoud Qadri, 49, one of the six escapees. One of the detainees had been in Israeli captivity for 12 years.
In the southern West Bank, Israeli soldiers detained a 17-year-old teenager after brutally assaulting him during clashes at Bab Az-Zawiya in the city of Hebron.

IOF arrests 5 relatives of escaped prisoners from Gilboa

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrested family members of escaped Gilboa detainees at dawn on Friday, after raiding their homes in Jenin.
According to local sources, IOF raided the village of Arraba in southern Jenin, stormed several houses and arrested Basem, Ra’ed and Muhammed, the siblings of Mahmud A’rada, who escaped from Gilboa.
IOF also invaded the village of Bir al-Basha in southern Jenin and arrested Ra’fet Ghwadra, the nephew of Yakub Qadri, one of the 6 escaped Gilboas. The IOF previously arrested Yusuf Qadri, Yakub’s brother.

Extremist Israeli settlers brutally attack Palestinian drivers near Jerusalem

Extremist Israeli settlers brutally attacked Palestinian drivers near the occupied city of Jerusalem on Thursday evening, damaging and injuring buses.
Local sources said Thursday night three extremist Israeli settlers threw glass bottles at buses in Givat Ze’ev, an illegal Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank and close to Jerusalem, breaking the windows of the buses and spraying the drivers with pepper spray.
The settlers were heard yelling “Zakaria is dead, Zakaria is dead” as they attacked the Palestinian drivers, probably referring to the Palestinian prisoner in Israeli prisons, Zakaria Zubaidi, one of six escapees from the Gilbou who managed to free themselves from Gilboa Prison, a high-security Israeli prison, through a secret tunnel they allegedly dug under the prison.

Israeli army and police raise alert levels as manhunt continues

Israeli police yesterday raised its alert level to its second-highest point as the search for the six Palestinian prisoners who escaped from Gilboa prison continues, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported.
The Israeli military also canceled all furlough for soldiers stationed in the occupied West Bank over fears of possible protests to be held today after Friday prayers.
Haaretz said Israeli security services believe the detainees managed to enter the occupied West Bank, making their arrest even more difficult as it could lead to clashes with armed resistance groups who will try to protect them.

Journalist among two Palestinians injured in clashes with Israeli troops in Hebron, Jenin

Israeli forces injured two Palestinians, including a journalist, on Thursday evening in clashes in the West Bank cities of Hebron and Jenin, a WAFA correspondent said.
He said clashes with Israeli troops flared up at the entrance to al-Shuhada Street, which has been closed since 1994, when Palestinians took to the streets in solidarity with prisoners who are being brutally beaten in Israeli prisons.
The soldiers opened fire on protesters as well as on local shops, hitting a journalist covering the events with a concussion bomb in his foot.
The journalist was rushed to Hebron government hospital for treatment.

Palestinian youth injured in IOF shooting

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) fired on Palestinian protesters near the al-Jalama military checkpoint on Thursday evening, injuring a young man.
According to local sources, a confrontation took place near the checkpoint between IOF soldiers and Palestinian youths.
A Palestinian boy was injured in the leg by a rubber-coated metal bullet and was taken to hospital.

(Sources: Quds News Network, IMEMC, MEMO, Wafa, English Palinfo)

Henny A.J. Kreeft
Independent Citizen Journalism

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