Israeli minister: We will kill Hamas leaders in Gaza


GAZA, PALESTINOW.COMThe Israeli occupation on Tuesday threatened to assassinate Hamas leaders during any future military aggression on the Gaza Strip.

Israel held Hamas responsible for the “recent attacks” carried out “armed Palestinians” on the border between the Gaza Strip and the 1948 occupied Palestinian territories.

Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Israel Katz in press statements said, “We are working constantly to reduce the threat of Hamas, such as by destroying their tunnels. We currently respond to every security incident, but there is the possibility that we could begin a campaign there.”

Kats talked about the latest infiltration attempts into the 1948 occupied Palestinian territories from the Gaza Strip which led to the killing of five Palestinians and said, “We will not tolerate this.”

He added that the moment Israel decides a new military campaign against the Gaza Strip there will be no immunity for Hamas leaders.

Member of Hamas’s political bureau Salah al-Bardawil said that his movement is not afraid of Israeli threats to assassinate Hamas figures and launch a new military assault on the Gaza Strip.

Al-Bardawil said that these threats, which are part of internal election campaigns, are not the first of their kind.

“Every party want to show the public that they are the strongest through racist statements against the Palestinian people and their resistance. That’s all they have for the elections,” he added.

He continued, “Who wants to fight for the future of Palestine is fully aware that the price will  be very high, and we are ready to pay all the prices for our rights.”

The Hamas official said that Israel is not ready for a new war, but warned that Israel now bets on the increasing normalization between Israel and some Arab countries hoping that it would isolate the Palestinians in the region and push them to surrender, which “will not happen” as al-Bardawil said.

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