Israeli drones attack Palestinian kites unit, two injured


GAZA, PALESTINOW.COM — The Israeli army fired a missile, Sunday, at Palestinians in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, moderately wounding two. Israeli military and political leaders threaten a large-scale offensive; Hamas leadership says, “the Palestinians in Gaza will remain steadfast.”

Media sources in Gaza said the missile was fired by an Israeli army drone, targeting Palestinians believed to have launched burning kites into the Israel side.

The Israeli missiles were fired less than one day after an indirect “ceasefire” agreement was reached in an attempt to prevent the region from entering into a new wave of a serious and lengthy military escalation.

According to the Israeli army, several fires broke out across the border fence due to the burning kites, flown from Gaza.

It added that the missile targeted what it called a “Hamas unit that flew incendiary balloons” from the coastal region.

On Sunday at night, Egyptian mediation managed to broker an indirect ceasefire agreement, in an attempt to prevent a full military offensive.

The agreement angered far-right coalition members of the Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as they were calling for an immediate large-scaled military offensive in Gaza.

Israeli Ynet News has reported that three fires broke out, earlier Sunday, after “incendiary balloons were flown from Gaza, before the army bombarded Hamas targets.” (IMEMC)

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