Israeli annexation of West Bank cannot be justified: legislator


JAKARTA, PALESTINOW.COM – Aziz Syamsuddin, Deputy Speaker of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR), has opined that Israel’s planned annexation of the West Bank cannot be justified at all.

“Indonesia supports the Palestinian people in their fight for their rights to establish a sovereign state,” Aziz Syamsuddin said in a statement on Saturday (14/06).

Israel’s plan to annex a third of the Palestinian territories in the West Bank is illegal, because it is against UN Security Council resolutions and international laws.

The unlawful plan also has the potential to increase tensions between Palestine and Israel, hence it is opposed by the international community, especially by the Middle East countries.

International laws are pillars that must be obeyed and implemented for the sake of humanity and peace.

Hence, any unilateral move that violates international agreements and norms must be stopped immediately, the Golkar Party politician remarked.

The one third of the area planned to be annexed by Israel covers part of the Hebron and the southern West Bank.

In the area there is the Mosque of the Prophet Ibrahim, which has been registered as a UNESCO world heritage site since 2017, and the tomb of Ibrahim, which is an important site for Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

“We certainly deeply regret the Israeli government plan, particularly as the world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic. Under this condition, the world demands increased cooperation, solidarity and mutual help, not provocation, let alone annexation that can worsen the situation of global security, “Aziz said.

The DPR fully supports the steps of Indonesia, which currently serves as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, to encourage the international community to work together to uphold commitments to international law and agreements that have been mutually agreed upon.

“Regarding this matter, we welcome the prompt response that has been made by the Indonesian government by strongly condemning the Israeli plan and also sending letters to 30 friendly countries to reject Israel’s planned annexation of the West Bank region,” he said.

According to Aziz, this step is in accordance with the Indonesia’s foreign policy which states that independence is the right of every nation, and therefore, colonialism over the world must be abolished because it is against humanity and justice.

The Indonesia government has always supported the Palestinian government and people and pushed for peace in Jerusalem.

“Indonesia does not want to be hostile to any country, but we cannot justify injustice in any form against a country” Aziz added.

Source: Antara

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