Israeli Occupation destroyed 100,000 Coronavirus test kits sent to Palestine


RAMALLAH, PALESTINOW.COMThe Health Minister Mai Al Kila said that the Israeli occupation authorities had destroyed 100,000 coronavirus test kits after it banned their entry from Jordan to Palestine a few days ago, although everything was in coordination with the United Nations.

“This has led to a shortage of test kits for the Coronavirus,” she said in an interview with The Voice of Palestine radio on Tuesday.

She added that the Ministry of Health will work to rationalize the consumption of the available swabs, noting that the testing is currently limited to first-degree contacts only. She also pointed out that sufficient quantities of test kits are expected to arrive on Wednesday, while 20,000 test kits have already arrived in the Gaza Strip from the World Health Organization (WHO) yesterday.

The Minister of Health stressed that the efforts to curb the spread of the Coronavirus has been being carried out through two parts; Epidemiological Surveillance and therapy.

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