Ireland condemns US decision to o end all funding to UNRWA


DUBLIN, PALESTINOW.COM — Ireland’s foreign minister Simon Coveney has condemned the US decision to end all funding to UNRWA, which supports some five million Palestinian refugees.

In a strongly worded statement issued by the department of foreign affairs, Coveney described the move as both “heartless and dangerous,” and warned it would impact negatively on the Middle East region.

The Irish minister said he had seen first-hand the excellent work that UNRWA does in providing services to millions of people, including those in Gaza who have nowhere else to turn.

He added that the UN agency provides food aid to over a million Gazans, who cannot feed themselves due to the economic impact of the blockade.

The minister also affirmed that his country would continue to assist and support UNRWA and would discuss with the EU and other partners what more can be done to support its work. (PIC)

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