IOF murdered Palestinian youth in Jenin checkpoint


JENIN, PALESTINOW.COM Palestinian was shot dead and another one was injured on Monday night by Israeli soldiers’ gunfire near the northern West Bank city of Jenin, Palestinian officials said.

19 year old Palestinian Abdullah Tawalbah executed at Jalamah military checkpoint in Jenin by Zionist occupation army. He was shot in the head and lower body, denied medical assistance and left to bleed to death on the street alone.

Akram Rajoub, the Palestinian governor of the city told reporters that Israeli soldiers opened fire at two Palestinian young men at the Israeli military roadblock of al-Jalama, north of the city, killing one and wounding the other.

He added that “the available information we have is that there was no tension and it was totally calm in the area, so opening fire at the two young men wasn’t justified.”

Rajoub said that the Israeli army claims that a hand grenade was thrown at the roadblock “which is totally incorrect.”

Meanwhile, Mahmoud al-Sa’di, the Palestinian official in the Red Crescent Society in Jenin told reporters that the Israeli army captured the body of the young man and allowed a Palestinian ambulance to evacuate the other wounded young man to a Palestinian Hospital.

Israeli media reports said that gunshots were opened at an Israeli army force at the military roadblock and that the Israeli army force fired back and then the army sent more forces to the scene and began to investigate the incident.

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