IOF demolishes Araqib villages for 183rd time despite bad weathers


NEGEV, PALESTINOW.COMThe bulldozers of the Israeli police demolished on Wednesday morning the Palestinians’ homes in Al-Araqib village in the Negev for the 183rd time.

This village is deprived of recognition by the Israeli authorities and is void of basic municipal services and is under constant threat of displacement and eviction.

The Israeli bulldozers razed Al-Araqib homes despite the stormy and rainy weather and forcibly displaced its inhabitants in the open.

This is the second time that Israel had demolished the tents of Al-Araqib residents since the beginning of this year 2021, as it was demolished on January 20, 2021.

The townspeople rebuild the tents every time from wood and a nylon cover to protect them from the extreme cold.

The Israeli authorities continue to demolish Al-Araqib village since 2000 in their repeated attempts to push the villagers to frustration and despair and displace them from their lands to make way for the establishment of Jewish-only settlements.

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