Indonesia Thanks International Community for Backing Palestine


JAKARTA, PALESTINOW.COM – Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi has assured Palestine of Indonesia’s unwavering support in its fight against Israeli occupation after Israel delayed plans to annex parts of the West Bank earlier this month.

She also thanked the international community for backing Indonesia’s effort to thwart the Israeli move.

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“Our efforts [to support Palestine] have been backed by dozens of countries, including China, France, Japan, and Russia, as well as UN Secretary-General [Jose Antonio Guterres] and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Secretary-General [Yousef Al-Othaimeen],” she said.

“Indonesian support [for Palestine] is based on a 1945 Constitution passage which state, ‘freedom is the inalienable right of all nations, colonialism must be abolished because it is incompatible with humanity and justice’,” she told Antara state news agency July 26.

But Retno admitted that Indonesia cannot check Israeli annexation of the West Bank and other occupied Palestinian territories without the international community’s support.

“The international community’s support for the Palestinians is vital because Israel’s plan to annex the West Bank was condoned by [US President Donald Trump’s] so-called Deal of the Century.”

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She added that Indonesia condemned both policies because they contravened international law and the Middle East peace plan’s Two-State Solution.

Israel has indefinitely delayed its planned annexation of 30 percent of the West Bank, which was due to take place on July 1, 2020, under Trump’s Deal of the Century.

Other probable factors included the US’ ‘hands-off’ stance towards the Middle East and the Covid-19 pandemic plaguing countries around the world, including Israel.

“I am sure that international pressure played a role in delaying [Israel’s planned annexation of the West Bank],” Retno said. “The international community must remain united to bring about the two-state solution.”

However, the career diplomat warned that Indonesia and other countries supporting Palestine still have their work cut out for them. “Palestine is still oppressed in a de facto manner. This is seen in the building of Israeli settlements in the West Bank.”

Retno added that Indonesia will continue to call on the international community to enforce UN resolutions to thwart Israeli plans to annex the West Bank. Indonesia has supported Palestine’s bid for independence for over 70 years.

Source: Kompas

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