In Video: Palestinian Resistance Fighters shot down two Israeli ‘spy’ Quadcopter planes



GAZA, PALESTINOW.COMIn the early hours of Friday morning, the Palestinian resistance fighters have brought down two Israeli quadcopters conducting an espionage mission against the besieged Gaza Strip.

According to eyewitnesses in Gaza, approximately 9 Israeli Quad-Capter planes broke out in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian resistance fired intensively at the planes, and managed to shoot down two planes, the first in Shejaiya and the second in the Zeitoun neighbourhood, east of Gaza City, and they were seized by the Palestinian resistance.

Our correspondent pointed out that the number of the Quad-Copter planes that entered Gaza was really large, and the sky of Gaza has never witnessed such an airstrike of these kinds of planes, from north to south, east and west of the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinow reporter continued that no injuries were reported. While the competent authorities have issued appealed to the Palestinian residents warning them not to climb on the roofs of houses or even go out in the open-air areas because some of these planes were booby-trapped for fear that they would fall without warning, in addition to the shootings fired by the Palestinian resistance towards the Israeli planes across the besieged Gaza strip.

Neither the Palestinian resistance nor the Ministry of Interior issued any statement about what happened last night in Gaza so far, and the Hebrew media only spoke of a major attack by the Israeli aircraft against Gaza.

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