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Hunger for freedom: 6 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons continue their hunger strike

Six Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons are continuing their open hunger strike in protest at their unfair administrative detention without charge or trial.
The health of the six starving inmates has deteriorated as they suffered from severe fatigue, exhaustion, headaches, severe weight loss and a lack of fluid in the body.
The tallest hunger striker is Kayed Fasfous, as he has been on hunger strike for 88 days, lost more than 40 pounds and suffered from pain all over his body, his family said as they expressed serious concerns for their son’s health.

After raiding his home, ‘Israel’ summons the former Grand Mufti of Palestine for questioning

Israeli occupation forces raided the home of Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, the Imam of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the former Grand Mufti of Palestine, before summoning him for questioning earlier on Sunday.
Sheikh Sabri said Israeli forces violently raided his home in the occupied city of Jerusalem around 5 a.m. local time.
They asked him to provide his ID and handed him a subpoena for questioning at 9:00 a.m. the next day at the Russian Compound.

Israeli troops brutally attack Palestinian youth in Jerusalem

Israeli occupation forces and police brutally attacked and detained Palestinian youths in Bab al-Amud Square in occupied Jerusalem on Saturday night.
Israeli forces violently attacked and beaten several Palestinian youths in Bab al-Amud square last night, injuring several of them, including a woman.
The troops also forced the youths to leave the square, before detaining at least 4 of them and releasing their dogs mercilessly on them.

Israeli police attack Jerusalem civilians in Bab al-Amud

Israeli occupation police attacked young Jerusalem men on Saturday night in the Bab al-Amud area of the Old City and detained several of them.
According to local sources, a Palestinian woman was injured when police brutally attacked and beat several young men while they were in Bab al-Amud, put dogs on them and arrested six of them.

Israeli settlers attack Palestinian cars in Jerusalem

Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian cars on Saturday in the village of Beit Exa in northwest occupied Jerusalem.
Local sources said Israeli settlers came from the Har Shmuel settlement, which was built on the village’s land. The settlers broke the windows of the vehicles parked close to the illegal settlement due to the Israeli closure of the road between Beit Exa and occupied Jerusalem.
The sources added that this is not the first time Israeli settlers have attacked civilian vehicles in the village. Settlers had set fire to the villagers’ cars several months ago.

Israeli settlers cause damage to many Palestinian cars near Jerusalem

Illegal Israeli settlers on Saturday caused serious damage to many Palestinian cars parked near the village of Beit Iksa, northwest of occupied Jerusalem.
Local sources said the settlers were from the illegal Har Shmuel colony built on Palestinian territory.
They added that Palestinians had to park their cars close to the colony due to ongoing closures and roadblocks by the Israeli military on the main road leading to the city of Jerusalem.

Soldiers attack many Palestinians, kidnap four, in Jerusalem

Israeli soldiers attacked and kidnapped many young Palestinian men Saturday night in Bab al-Amoud and Silwan, in the occupied Palestinian capital of Jerusalem, in the West Bank.
Eyewitnesses said the soldiers attacked many young Palestinian men in the area of Bab al-Amoud (Damascus Gate), causing several cuts and bruises.
They added that the soldiers kidnapped four of the young men and took them to a nearby detention and interrogation facility.

IOF kidnaps Palestinians in dawn raids on West Bank and Jerusalem

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) kidnapped several Palestinian civilians at dawn on Sunday during campaigns in the West Bank and Jerusalem.
According to local sources in Bethlehem, the IOF kidnapped two teenagers identified as Mohamed Takateka and Rida Diriyah from their homes in the town of Beit Fajjar and another civilian identified as Hisham al-Khateeb from the al-Jadawel area in Beit Jala.
In Jerusalem, police forces kidnapped a young man after they searched his home in the Shuafat refugee camp and reportedly found his weapon and ammunition.

Bennett claims Palestinian state is a terror state, in speech to Merkel

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett claimed during a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel today that a Palestinian state would mean a terror state.
“We learned from our experience that a Palestinian state would most likely mean a terror state seven minutes (drive) from my own home and from just about anywhere in Israel,” Bennett told Merkel.
Bennett added that the occupation state “does not ignore the Palestinians,” they “are our neighbors, they are not going anywhere.”

IOF opens fire on agricultural land in Gaza

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) opened fire on an agricultural area in the southeast of the besieged Gaza Strip on Sunday morning.
According to local sources, soldiers opened machine-gun fire on patches of cultivated land to the east of the city of al-Qarara in northern Khan Yunis.
Fortunately, no one was injured in the shooting.

(Sources: Days of Palestine, Quds News Network, IMEMC, English Palinfo)

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