How can Israeli aid team enters Indonesia without diplomatic relations between two countries?


JAKARTA, PALESTINOW.COM — “Israeli humanitarian aid” NGO called IsraAID since September 2018 working with community partners in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, to provide safe water and psychological support, after the area was hit by a series of devastating earthquakes and a tsunami.
How can two countries without diplomatic relations visit each other?

Indonesia has no diplomatic relation with Israel as the government doesn’t recognize Israel as state and standing with Palestine since long time ago. So how can Indonesian let Israelis enter its territory?

We are trying to contact the Indonesian Foreign Affairs by whatsapp and they denied have cooperation with IsraAID in Central Sulawesi.

In its website, they said that they work with community partners in Central Sulawesi, but they not mention the partner.

Of course we are very concern and have deep condolence with Indonesian people because of the disasters, and we are understand that many NGOs want to help Indonesian people. But what make us sad is, how can they enter Indonesian territory, and there is no any explanation from the government.

As Palestine supporter, I am so upset with the Indonesian government. (Elf)

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Good day, El Falesteen. First, I would like to wish freedom, dignity, wellbeing, and happiness to the Palestinians, and for any peace and justice loving humans on Earth. The answer to your question is very simple. Indonesia recognized both Israel and Palestine as independent states, and maintain some trade and mutual tourism with Israel (mainly Christian pilgrims from Indonesia, but also Israeli groups to Indonesia). However, Indonesia refused to have direct diplomatic relationships with Israel. All ties done through Israeli embassy in Singapore or directly with the Israeli companies. You can read more about it here:–Israel_relations By the way,… Read more »