Hamas Readiness to Hold “Indirect Negotiation” with Israel on Prisoner Swap Agreement.

When Yahya Al-Sinwar bombed the occupation front with the number 1111.

GAZA, PALESTINOW.COM – The head of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Yahya Al Sinwar, said “Over the next few days, an important meeting will be holding in Cairo with the aim of reaching some form of agreement on the prisoner swap issue. Al Sinwar commented saying that “we are placing ourselves and our Palestinian cause on the world table, we deserve to live, and our people deserve to have their rights restored. He added that “the date is near when the siege upon Gaza will be lifted, creating opportunities for well-being in the besieged Gaza Strip.

With regards to the prisoner exchange file, the head of the Hamas movement confirmed that the Palestinian resistance showed its might over the enemy and added that a great deal for the release of Palestinian prisoners is in the pipelines. He pointed out that this file had received a lot of effort, but due to the absence of the Israeli occupation government, things had come to a halt. However, he expressed the current readiness for negotiations to get things moving again. Sinwar said that they “categorically reject any conditions placed on the prisoner exchange issue, and that easing the blockade, and reconstruction of Gaza are separate issues.

He concluded his talk saying “We are confident that we will be able to succeed in acquiring our rights. He also said “I want to tell my people in Gaza something – remember number 1111. What the significance of this number is, I cannot divulge at this point in time but everyone should remember this number very well.”

Israel holds currently 5000 Palestinian prisoners in their jails. in 2012, Israel released 1027 Palestinian prisoners, including Yahya Sinwar, in a swap between them and Hamas in exchange to the Israeli soldier who got detained by Hamas.

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