Hamas calls for supporting resistance in Palestine


TEHRAN, PALESTINOW.COM — Director of Hamas’s foreign relations Osama Hamdan has called for strengthening the resistance foundation in the Gaza Strip and closing ranks in the West Bank and Jerusalem to confront Israel’s settlement activities and violations.

The Hamas official made his remarks at the closing session of the two-day conference that was held in Tehran in support of the Palestinian intifada (uprising).

Hamdan called for fortifying Gaza as a reliable base for the resistance through developing its military capabilities and supporting the steadfastness of the population.

He also called for adopting another resistance-based strategy in the West Bank and Jerusalem through escalating the intifada against the occupation to save the holy city, confronting Israel’s settlement expansion, and expelling its settlers from the Palestinian land, and refusing to recognize the Israeli occupation or waive any Palestinian right.

“We say to those who have thought that the peace process will achieve something and that the US may offer them something of their rights, ‘there are two options in front of you,’” he underlined.

The first option, he said, is to renounce any behavior that does not serve the Palestinian people and their national cause, and to join the ranks of the Palestinian people and their resistance.

He added that the second option for them is to continue believing in the illusion of the peace process, but he warned that the Palestinian people would resist this option and would not allow new failures.

Hamdan stressed the need to support the Palestinian people and their resistance financially, militarily and politically, urging the participating parliaments in the conference to enact laws criminalizing the Israeli occupation of Palestine and prohibiting any form of relations with it. (PIC)

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