Gaza to organize million return on the anniversary of Nakba


GAZA, PALESTINOW.COM The Supreme Commission called for the march of return and breaking the siege on the Gaza Strip to participate actively in the million return on Wednesday to the next.

At the end of the 58th week of the return marchs, the Authority confirmed in a press release the continuation of peaceful marches at the Gaza border, advancing the mass participation of the masses of our people in the five fields of return east of the Gaza Strip today.

After all the plots and murders, homelessness and asylum, despite the massacres and the siege, attempts to dissolve and blur the identity, our masses remain steadfast in their right and just cause, rejecting all forms of resettlement and plots to liquidate their national rights.

She pointed out that the public participation from various sectors of our people in this Friday is a high readiness to defend the rights and upholding the constants, and insist on its rejection of all liquidation projects targeting our national cause, and to send messages that the rallies of return and break the siege continues in its peaceful popular character and no bargaining on them whatever the reasons.

The statement added: “We are all united in our rejection of the deal of the century, stressing that it will not pass, and will be undermined by our people, as dropped in the past a lot of liquidation projects that were aimed at our rights The face of this deal requires an Arab Arab Islamic and rejection of all forms of normalization with the Zionist entity.

In light of the grave developments and challenges facing our cause, the Commission called for an “urgent national meeting” of the Secretaries-General of the factions to unify the Palestinian position to bring down the deal of the century and to promote national unity and participation and to establish a unified national strategy to confront the occupation and all liquidation projects.

The National Commission also called on the masses of our people to participate in commemorating the Nakba, migration and displacement, which will culminate in “the events of return and breaking the siege,” which will be launched from Wednesday afternoon until 5:00 pm on the land of the return camps in the besieged Gaza Strip. In the camps of the Diaspora and the sites of asylum and commitment to the general strike on Wednesday 15/5/2019 to protest against the silence of the world on the continued crime of increasing us from our land and displacement in the alienation of refugees and displacement will not end the chapters only return to the home we abandoned in 1948

The National Commission for Return and Breaking the Siege called on all sectors of youth, antagonists and sports teams to take part in the “Jumah Marathon Al-Awda” sports event to be held next Friday in the besieged camps of return in eastern Gaza.

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