Gaza invaded, Gaza farmers and fishermen under fire, Palestinians kidnapped, Palestinian shot


Israeli army invades farmlands in Khan Younis and Al-Maghazi, in Gaza

On Monday morning, several Israeli military vehicles raided Palestinian farmlands in Khan Younis and al-Maghazi, in the besieged Gaza Strip.
Media sources said four armored military vehicles, including a bulldozer, drove tens of meters on Palestinian farmland in the al-Qarara area, northeast of Khan Younis.
They added that the vehicles invaded the country through the fence’s as-Sreij gate, before installing bulldozer sections and sand mounds near the fence.
In addition, at least armored military bulldozers invaded farmlands east of the al-Maghazi, in central Gaza, bulldozing several sections with bulldozers as military drones flew overhead.
The invasion came shortly after the Israeli army and navy attacked many Palestinian farmers and fishermen in the Gaza Strip, causing damage and forcing the Palestinians to leave.

Israeli soldiers open fire on farmers and fishermen in Gaza

Also on Monday, Israeli soldiers and the navy attacked many Palestinian farmers and fishermen in the Gaza Strip, causing damage and forcing the Palestinians to leave.
Media sources said Israeli naval vessels opened fire on several Palestinian fishing boats just three nautical miles from the coast, in the Sudaniyya Sea area, northwest of Gaza city.
They added that the navy attacked the boats with water cannons and various ammunition, with at least one boat being seriously damaged.
The attack resulted in no casualties, but forced fishermen back to shore for fear of further Israeli escalation, without being able to provide for their families through fishing.
In addition, Israeli soldiers stationed in military towers over the fence near the Malaka area, east of the city of Gaza, fired live ammunition at Palestinian farmers, especially in the Zeitoun neighborhood, southeast of the city of Gaza, and forced them to leave.

Israeli army kidnaps four Palestinians near Gaza Strip fence

The Israeli army claimed Monday morning that the soldiers kidnapped four Palestinians overnight after they reportedly tried to break through the fence in the southern part of the besieged Gaza Strip.
In a statement, the army said its soldiers arrested a young Palestinian man who “tried to break through the fence”, adding that he was carrying a knife and wire cutter.
It added that the soldiers also arrested three other Palestinians in a separate incident, according to the military statement, after they tried to break through the fence while carrying knives. The four young men were taken to interrogation facilities.
It is worth noting that the soldiers regularly kidnap Palestinians who cross the fence, including many who accidentally approach the fence while hunting, and others who had to break through the fence when trying to cross nearby Israeli areas in search of work outside the besieged. and impoverished Gaza Strip.

Paramilitary Israeli settler shoots Palestinian in Jerusalem

A paramilitary Israeli settler on Monday opened fire on a young Palestinian man, wounding him during a nonviolent activity in solidarity with the families of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in the occupied Palestinian capital of Jerusalem, in the West Bank.
Media sources said many Palestinians carried flags and chanted against the escalating Israeli violations against them, especially the continued displacement of Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah and the other parts of the occupied city.
They added that a paramilitary settler opened fire on the nonviolent protesters, slightly injuring a young man in the leg.
Israeli soldiers closed off the entire area as groups of fanatic settlers gathered and chanted racist slogans against the Palestinians, calling for their expulsion from occupied Jerusalem.
(Sources: IMEMC)

Henny A.J. Kreeft
Independent Citizen Journalism

© Khamakar News Agency / 02.08.2021

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