Freedom for Palestine



I have a dream that someday Palestine will be free

I see the flag will waving in the blue sky

Full of Palestinian children’s laughter

I see their tears change into laughter

I can see their smile will never end

I see they can play kite everyday without fear

I can see they play football without worries Zionist shoot

I see they jokes with their family without afraid that Zionist will arrest them

I can see they go to school everyday without hidden from the Zionist army

I see the fishermen can go out to the sea without fear the Zionist bomb

I can see that the apartheid wall will be tearing down

And I will see that we will praise in Al Quds without shooting anymore

Oh how beautiful is freedom

Palestine, the holy land…

Palestine, the land of brave…

The symbol of love

The symbol of peace

We will never let you go

We love you; we will fight for your freedom

Someday, I will see your smile, mother land

Oh how beautiful is freedom

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