Free Ahmad Manasrah


Ahmed Manasrah just like other Palestinian boys, who wants to live in peace in his homeland without occupation.

He is just 14 years old, and now he is in Israeli prison. Spend his precious times far away from family.

He has sentenced by Israeli court with 12 years of prison, under the pretext of a stabbing attempt.

Ahmad was 13 when he was first arrested, and at the time Israeli law prohibited the imprisonment of children below the age of 14.

Ahmed Manasrah on 12 October 2015 was shot and tortured on camera by an Israeli settler, while his cousin, Hassan Manasra was killed on the spot, under the pretext of stabbing settlers in Pisgat Ze’ev settlement, Al-Quds.

An international uproar was caused around the case with the torture and videos later that showed him being abused by Israeli investigators. Ahmad stayed in hospital before he was taken to prison.

A month after Ahmad’s arrest, a video showing his brutal interrogation was leaked to media. Ahmad’s case prompted the Israeli justice ministry to propose legislation allowing jail time for children as young as 12 in so-called “terrorism” cases.

Ahmad is  one of hundreds Palestinian minors who jailed in Israel. There are many Palestinian minors arrested by Israeli forces and being tortured there.

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