Extremist settlers threatened to burn alive Palestinian mother and child in Jaffa


JAFFA, PALESTINOW.COM “Close the window.. close the door.. they will burn us”, says Muna Tayaha’s child from occupied Jaffa, who has been traumatized by Israeli settlers, who threatened him and his mother of burning them alive.

“I wrote a Facebook post expressing mu opinion but an Israeli settler sent a threatening message to me and my son”, Muna told Al Jarmaq News.

“The message contained direct threatening of burning us. He wrote: We will burn you like the Daabshehs and we will throw you out”.

She added that the settler also sent to her a photo of her son with a caption that read “we will burn your child”, stressing that the settlers who did that know the place of her house.

Muna says that her child has got into trauma, which pushed her to take him for therapy.

Abed Shihadeh, member of Jaffa’s Emeergency Committee, said that since the start of the tensions, “we have documented 30 assaults, including incitement by Israeli cops and settlers in Jaffa and 50 arrests”.

“Ms. Muna is not the only one [ who got threatened], we documented several cases of incitement, especially against workers, in Jaffa and surrounding areas. Some workers have been even fired from their jobs”, he said.

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