Exclusive: Al Qassam publishes voice recording of Israeli captive


GAZA, PALESTINOW.COMIn an investigative report by Al Jazeera, Al Qassam brigades published, for the first time ever, a voice recording of an Israeli soldier, who was a captured by the resistance movement.

In “The Hidden is More Immense” investigative report, Al Jazeera correspondent Tamer Al Mishar interviewed the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Al Qassam, Marwan Issa, in his first media appearance.

Issa said that in the recent Israeli aggression, the resistance aimed at “increasing yield”.

The report also broadcasted a voice recording by a captured Israeli soldier.

“I’m the Israeli soldier ……. currently captured by Izz ad-Din al-Qassam brigades”, the captured soldier said.
“I hope that the state of Israel is still working to recover us. Secondly, I wonder if the leaders of the state discriminate between captured soldiers, and if they ever discuss their issue or work to release them. I’m dying everyday and I hope to be soon with my family”.


The report also revealed exclusive footage of the Israeli soldiers Gilad Shalit, who was released in a prisoners’ swap.

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