Eight Palestinian detainees launch hunger strike inside Israeli prisons


The prisoners started their hunger strike to protest against the Israeli intransigence regarding installing jamming devices, which cause cancer and have very bad effects on the prisoners’ health, who have already started having headache, according to the Palestinian prisoners’ information office.

The prisoners, who started their strike are Abdel Qader Abu Aishah, Noor Al Tamimi, Noor Al Qawasmeh, Islam Mujahed, Abdallah Hmaideh, Dawood Idwan, Fu’ad ‘Ibayyat, and Omar Al Shafi’i.

In a letter sent to the Palestinian prisoners’ information office, the prisoners called on “the Palestinian people every where to support them in their battle against the jamming devices and the Israeli aggressive procedures, which have recently dramatically increased.”

Palestinian prisoners have declared a series of escalating procedures to protest against installing cancerous jamming devices. The procedures included “disbanding organisations”, which means that the prisoners’ leaders will no longer be responsible for anyone’s action and that the prison administrations should deal with each prisoner individually.

They also declared refusing the Israeli prisons’ food and refusing to visit the prisons’ clinics or taking their medication.

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