Dozens killed in bridge collapse accident during a religious festival in Israel.

Footage shows the death scenes in this deadly religious festival.

At least 44 Israelis were killed, at dawn on Saturday, in a grandstand collapse during Jewish celebration in the northern region, according to Hebrew media.

Israeli media, Kan Channel and Channel reported that at least 44 were killed as a result of ‘ the fierce stampede and crowding, during a Jewish celebration in Jabal Al-Jarmuk, in the Galilee region “north”.

The prime minister of the Israeli occupation government, Benjamin Netanyahu, said that the crush of the bridge in “Jabal Al-Jarmuk” is considered a “catastrophe”.

However, the Magen David Adom ‘Israeli Ambulance Institution’, did not confirm in a statement that there were any deaths there, despite its spokesman announcing tonight earlier that there were casualties in the accident, without specifying the number, according to the Hebrew newspaper, Yediot Aharonot.

And it is said in a news release that it provided first aid to about 103 injured, including 38 in a condition described as serious, who were at the scene of the accident, and 6 were hospitalized.

It also explained that there around 20 critical cases, 2 were moderately wounded, and 39 were lightly injured.

Furthermore, six military helicopters were called in to evacuate the injured, according to the official Kan channel.

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